Donations & Bequests

Piringa Charitable Trust is a 'not for profit' charity registered with The Charities Commission, Department of Internal Affairs. (Reg. no.  CC433960). Learn more here.

As a Charity we want to keep our fees for our services as low as possible because many of our clients are also involved in 'not for profit' work. We already have a number of Individuals and Trusts who support Piringa and its vision by donating regularly to the Trust.

As a Trust we rely on donations like these for sustainability and growth. If you, as an individual, Trust or Organisation would like to support Piringa either with a one off gift, regular financial support or via a Bequest, then we would be pleased to facilitate this happening. Please contact the Managers of Piringa - Gavin and Michelle McConnell, and they will give you the necessary details to make a contribution and answer any further questions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Piringa Trustees.